Sunday, August 8, 2010

X Fish Up

New X Fish beads are now in the etsy shop.

GemBonz are moving up town! I mean to use sterling silver findings. I need to find a clasp that will open wide enough to fit over the heavier D-rings on a size large dog collar, but not be too big in proportion with the bone bead. I'm going for a one size fits all item. And the bones will be larger than i had been making them, too, thus becoming more of a statement. And i'm getting rid of the Swarovski crystal on the charm (unless someone specifically requests it). I'll just use a round sterling bead. And with the sterling findings, the charms will look nicer when worn as human jewelry, too. I think that will cover all the bases. I offered too many options before. Some people like the choices, but others don't want to have to think options when they're just shopping and having a good time. Hey, sounds fun! I should spend more time shopping... :-)

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