Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dr. Lisa Says

Just like the song: he learned to walk while i was away.

I'm very happy to be back to the part-time nannying again. Pip is faster and busier than he was a month ago, but we still have a bond, and i'm so set to vicariously enjoy his wide-eyed wonder. I'm looking forward to a full morning of putting little sticks down holes, picking wild flowers for mom, putting pebbles in a bucket of water, bouncing golf balls down the steps, pulling books off the shelves, going Godzilla on block towers, ... I love it. For a few hours a day. I can't maintain it much beyond that before i start longing for more mature diversions, but it certainly provides a good counterbalance to the rest of my life. Everyone should get to spend an hour with a sweet child at the beginning of the day, and an hour with a cat and a good book at the other end of the day. There's my "feel good" prescription.

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