Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back at the Ranch

Home at last! What a great holiday we had, though. Fond memories to see us through the winter. [Here's a picture of us taking a break on the long homeward journey, having a sandwich at Monument Rocks, in Kansas.]

A strange thing happened on my trip. In the two days it took to drive up to Canada, i sat in the co-pilot seat and did nothing. I didn't even have a book to read. And i did the same thing on the way back down. I had my notebooks with me. I could have written. I could have designed beads or jewelry. I know that if i had brought needle, thread, and socks with me, i would have made critters. But i didn't even do that. One of my sons had an extra novel, so i read Steven King's Tommyknockers for half a day, until the kid wanted his book back. What a shameful waste of several days, though!

We got home last night, and this morning i took my etsy shop off Vacation Mode. And almost immediately, i had a couple of sales. Thank you, buyers! So i'm going to run out to the workshop tonight and do some beadmaking. Nothing like sales to light the fire under me and get me moving. Don't get me wrong--i would make beads anyway. But when there is the incentive for cash, it motivates me. I'm crass, that way.

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