Saturday, August 7, 2010

All Cats Present and Accounted For

When i woke up this morning, something was different ... (photo from mikeZellers blog).

The last of our cats turned up yesterday to welcome us home from holidays. I was happier to see Stinky than he was to see me. I thought the sound of my voice sweet-talking him would twig a memory for him--cuddling in bed and getting the kind of treatment cats love. But, nothing. He just gave me his back. Oh well, all the cats become sucky, fat house cats once the colder weather comes. I try not to be hurt, and bide my time till November.

It should be another good day for bead production. Tomorrow i will begin to list new items in the shop. Hubby and the boys are heading out to the Bosque to fish and poke about for various invertebrate specimens for classes, which begin all too soon. That leaves me home alone to do whatever i want to do! I will be distracted by the garden for a while--we had a soaking rain on Thursday night and the moisture makes it so much easier to pull weeds (got a great crop in the rock garden after being away on vacation for a month. It never ceases to amaze me how much vegetation the desert can produce! The "unwanted" sort of vegetation, at least.) There is a countywide ban on watering, so if we could get another rain today, the" wanted" plants will be very appreciative. About 2 days of this 95F weather, on sandy soil, is all it takes to dry out the gardens and set the plants to suffering. Rain, plox.

I should have planted my vegetables much earlier in the spring than i did, but i harvested a few carrots and beets yesterday--getting lost under the overgrown marigolds seems to have helped them not get too dry and shrively. I missed eating the beet greens this year, but look forward to making a nice pot of borsch.

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