Friday, August 6, 2010

HOT Ink and R.B.Awesome

The Devil's Ink Well is scooped out of rough red rock. The water pooled within is Kelly green and full of little blue fish, darting and shimmying. The sky glowed neon blue. My nostrils are scorched by fumes of salt and sulfur, hanging in the still desert air. Cicadas shrill in the...

The "poetic magic" was shattered by the arrival of pick-ups and jeeps. Out leap 6 highly organized teen aged boys who waste no time in dragging a basketball net up to the lip of the Well. One boy is designated videographer, recording his mate, "Real Bro Awesome" (lol), as he attempts to heave a basketball into the net from a spot halfway around the rim of the Devil's Ink Well. Two boys are on backstop duty, one is a runner, carrying the balls back up to "Awesome" when he runs out of balls, and one boy is halfway down the wall with a rope and seems to be ready to retrieve balls if they fall into the "Ink". They called their stunt "The Bottomless Shot", and i have no doubt we will be able to find it on YouTube soon, when they successfully shoot their stunt.

Their degree of organization and planning was impressive. I expect they haul their net and balls to all sorts of places to make YouTube-worthy shots. Real Bro Awesome is probably already a household word, at least in the Roswell high school. :-)

There is a fad of YouTube videos of people making amazing basketball shots, outside of any basketball game or court. It's good having teens myself, or i would miss out on the waves of video subjects that YouTube attracts. I would have missed the 10,000 videos of talking cats, for instance. It's fascinating. If Mr. Awesome had sunk his shot before i got bored, i might even have been in his video and had my tag-along second of fame.

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