Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What They Tell Me Tuesday

I like the ring of that -- I'm a good listener. They tell me a lot.

They tell me that their friends were bragging on the various reasons they got banned from WalMart. One girl got banned for "cereal surfing" down the aisle on a bag of MaltOMeal. Now that's imaginative, but not a good activity. I wonder if it was a lifelong ban...

They tell me in the news that the high school didn't even put the graduate's name in the yearbook (Mississippi) because she was more comfortable wearing the tux in the official photo, instead of the drape that the other girls were photographed in. Seems to me that wearing either should be good enough. I'm sure she looked very neat and respectable, which must have been the intent of the tux and drape rule. How long have females been wearing pants now?? Seems to me the shock of a female in trousers might have worn off by now. Oh yeah, she's gay. Gee, do you think a touch of homophobia might have been the real reason for bringing all the "rules" to bear? I have such little patience for narrowmindedness.

They tell me they need 8 duo-tangs, 7 binders, with a set of dividers, pens, pencils, highlighters, calculators. Hey, guess what? The last one is now out of the glue stix and scissors grades!

They tell me that they missed picture day last year so their school ID card is blank, and it's okay if they laminate a picture of Jesus on it. There is a resemblance. But there sure isn't a halo.

They tell me the $60 shoes will last at least 3 times as long as the $20 shoes. Smart kid. They tell me everyone is wearing No Show socks. They tell me they always thought school cafeteria lunches would be better than my sack lunches--they tell me they were wrong about that. :-)

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