Monday, May 31, 2010


My favorite flower. I get a sentimental pang every time i see a poppy in a garden or in a picture. I am especially fond of the classic red poppy with the black center, but i like them all. My mom currently has a big bank of wiggly-stemmed reddish orange poppies, but my only poppies are these big pink pompoms.

I've gathered some pretty poppy offerings by etsy artists in today's poster sketch/treasury.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bead Shop Changes

My dog/dog lover charms (the lampwork bone shaped beads i make in birthstone colors) have been a name infringement on another person's patent. So i have closed up that particular etsy shop pending my coming up with a new name for the merchandise. Free "bone-shaped birthstone charm" to anyone who comes up with a great name (and lets me use it)!

I've been preoccupied by family concerns all spring and haven't had the energy to commit to either business or blog, but things are much better now. I'm leaning towards my The Bead You Need etsy shop becoming my primary outlet. I will be working on listing more items in it this coming week. It may even be where my "bone-shaped birthstone charms" end up, in a shop section of their own.

I've developed a new color combo in the aqualith line of beads. I call it Dawn Gleaming. I really like the lighter colors on this bead pattern. I tried a few darker purples and blues on the band and it just didn't seem to be a pleasing balance to the round shape and ivory color of the base bead. I aim to try an amber version next--the silver shining through medium amber glass produces such a rich gold color. Here's a pic of the four colors i've got in my The Bead You Need. Makes very summery bracelet.