Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim In That Color

The hubby took two boys to the fishing hole for the day. I hit the workshop and made some of my silver banded beads. (I REALLY need to come up with a less descriptive name for this pattern.) This is Dawn Gleaming and Aqualith together, still on the mandrels they were created on. I love how the blues and green swim together, and likewise the amethyst and golden hues. One day i'll make some of these for myself. I really enjoy the kind of bracelet where you can fiddle and see at least one neat thing about each bead.

And other than that, i made a pork roast, drove across town to tend gardens for holidaying friends, harvested some swiss chard and zucchini, added my shop website to each listing in my etsy shop... I forgot to include that when i wrote them up initially. I think it's a very important little detail. When i was advertising my "bone shaped birthstone charms" to places like dog groups, my potential customers were very often not etsy members. Therefore, if they came across a link to one of my charms in the shop, say August, they wouldn't know how to find the rest of my shop and the rest of my months. So i started putting "To see all of my offerings go to: http://www.thebeadyouneed.etsy.com". Then, if someone's isearch sends them to just one item, there is still hope that they will find the rest of my stuff, too.

This is called cutting down on your Bounce Rate, in Google Analytics speak. :-) My Bounce Rate tends to be about 62%. I need to get it much lower to feel like any serious shopping is being down in my shop.

I've got an idea for the Closing Sock Monkey Beads giveaway. I'm going to coincide it with Fourth of July celebrations, favorite party time of my quasi-adoptive country. Yes, the prize will be beads. And no, they won't be red, white and blue! ...more to come...

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