Friday, June 25, 2010

Misc. Pics

I added several listings to The Bead You Need shop this morning. And then we went to Bottomless Lakes State Park to cool off. Roswell has a skatepark that No. 2 son likes to spend time at, and of course there is Cici's all-you-can-eat Pizza. :-)

Some rather strange photos i took today. The cat, Shorty, was waiting for us when we got home tonight. As we approached the front door, this toad just hopped up onto the cat for safety or something. Shorty didn't seem to notice.

I thought it was interesting that this dull brown damsel fly selected an equally dull brown stem to perch on.

These three 25-ft metal palm trees adorn the front yard of house around the corner. The cross adorns the yard across the street from the palm trees.

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