Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mom's a Good Sport, Gets Pwn'd Anyway

This "good sport" went on a birthday outing to the paint ball course with her teen boys and husband. (That's me on the right in the white T.) Self proclaimed pacifist/ gun hater that i am, this was way outside my comfort zone, but i figured you needed enough bodies (aka targets) out there to have teams, and thus have "fun". Anyway, i confirmed that it really does hurt as much as you think it will, and some people (me) aren't much funner targets than trees so they may as well have stayed home...

Apparently it's more fun to shoot at and hit people that are running serpentine while firing at you, than it is to shoot at someone who is cowering behind a stack of tractor tires. But, i honestly thought it was a clever strategy since my team mates who were dashing from one cover to the next were getting picked off. Mind you, they were getting picked off with drama and bravado and dynamic bursts of orange paint. Eventually the other team popped over my shelter and the jig was up.

I would never make a good soldier. I had to pause in the middle of the field of battle to take this ironic nature shot of a cone flower.

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