Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gleaming Sea Foam Beads

By coincidence i filled an order for Interstellar Plankton beads, and made some Green Fire 'n' Ice beads on the same day. They are perfectly compatible! Kind of light sea foam with extra gleam.

I'm in the process of moving the spiky beads listings over to The Bead You Need, from the old Sock Monkey Beads shop. When i close SMB i'll have to have a party. And a *Give Away*. Check back in a day or two for details. :-)

When i get a chance, i need to put some thought into my new business card design for TBYN (The Bead You Need). And i'm still getting old customers contacting me for more BirthBones, and i haven't come up with a new name yet. And then my new Thank You cards... Not enough hours in the day.

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