Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 Cute Kids

We were at Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM yesterday when we spotted these awfully cute little kids heading towards the beach.

Another hot one. Not a pleasant time to have the vehicle's battery die. Fortunately, hubby was with me and the kids in Roswell, NM. Had it been just me i would probably have had the van towed to the dealership for fixing and had a big bill to pay. Instead, hubby got us a boost, which got us to the local AutoZone, where they diagnose charging problems as a courtesy, and all he paid for was the new battery.

We drove the 3 miles or so to the Auto Zone, the outside temp 100 degrees, without rolling down the power windows or using the A/C because we couldn't take the chance that it would drain the battery. As soon as we got to the car parts store, we threw the doors open and piled out onto the glaring asphalt of the parking lot, reveling in the fresh cool air. 100 degrees never felt so crisp! lol

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