Friday, June 11, 2010

Denim Car Blanket

It strikes me at this very moment that i should be making jewelry. I really find it too hot to put on a respirator mask and sit over a torch. We're still up around 100F every day. But, i've got loads of old beads sitting around here that could be put together to make bracelets or pendants or charms. But i have been working on a quilt, so i'm not feeling too guilty about the lack of new beads to show here.

I began recycling the kids' jeans when they were pretty small. I cut 6-inch squares of denim out of them. As the kids have grown, their jeans get bigger and i can get more than just a few squares out of them. Unfortunately, two of my boys wear those super skinny jeans, and they don't provide much expanse of material.

I simply sew the squares together as a grid to form the top of the quilt. For the bottom and binding i use a comfy flannel. And instead of quilting, i just make yarn tufts to fasten the top and bottom panels together. The result is a heavy, sturdy, blanket, with a certain amount of sentiment inherent. But mostly i just like the look and feel and utilitarian nature of this style of blanket.

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