Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in the kitchen

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a nice little Christmas by ourselves. Our family is all a thousand miles away, so we have gotten used to a quiet kind of Christmas. And it was a White Christmas this year, so that was very nice.

As in other years, i'm still putting presents together. I just CANNOT ~no matter how good my intentions and how strong i think my will to do so is~ get my gifts together and posted in time for Christmas. Epic fail, as my kids would say.

I got a fabulous set of pots and pans from DH. I think that's why i spent Christmas afternoon in the kitchen without even a grumble! Nothing like fine cookware to bring out the Julia Child, eh? My candied yams were delectable. I used less sugar and added slivered orange rind to my cranberry sauce, and it was awesome. My gravy wasn't even lumpy!

Because of the subzero temps, i've got my torch clamped to the kitchen table. I'm working on a transparent purplish series of beads.

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