Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cookin up bones

I'm using my bead making time these days to make BirthBones beads. Not that they've been flying off the shelves in my etsy shop, though. But it strikes me that my best sales for the dog collar charms should be Christmas sales. So i'm renewing often on etsy, and getting another display board, outfitted with charms, to another vender in town. And then i will lean on friends to push BirthBones on all of their friends and acquaintances. Oh yes, i will stoop that low.

How do you like this T-shirt design? It is in an etsy shop (which is worth a look for it's public announcements). I believe the stated intent of this T-shirt is to do the speaking when the child you buy it for is quiet or shy. The T-shirt does the defending and the threatening, you see, and thereby protects the wearer from unwanted attention. I wouldn't be surprised if the potential perp would instead be scared off by the thought of the mother who dressed their child in this T-shirt.

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