Saturday, December 19, 2009

Owl love

My youngest niece, Holly, loves birds. We believe it started with her attachment to a funny little stuffed toy owl, but there again, why choose the funny little owl toy when you have cute little kitty and teddy toys to choose from? It seems to be a genuine bird thing, because she also really likes ducks. I just made this little owl beanie toy for her.

I borrow this book from the library over and over again because the toys, although very small, are designed with the nature of the animal in mind. I've sewn up many of these patterns over the years, and i don't know anywhere else that you can find a beanie walrus pattern (really good). Some of the patterns are a little fussy, and i won't make them again, but many can be done in just a few hours. I'm going to do a wiener dog for one of my older nieces--teenagers need handmade stuffed animals, too.

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