Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a guilty pleasure

I haven't read the Twilight books (and haven't seen the movie), and i don't know that i ever will. But i have read all the Laurell K. Hamilton books. Which is an explanation in itself. Not that i don't think the Twilight writer must be a good writer. Lord knows Hamilton is not. But you don't read Hamilton for the nuances.

From what i understand, the Twilight books are very noble and as chaste as you can be while being totally titillating. The Hamilton vampire series was titillating until the 6th book and then innuendo was replaced with in-your-face descriptions of sex with vampires and werewolves. But that's only half of the reason why i like them. I love that the heroine is a killer in the bloodiest way. She isn't the classic female who twists her ankle as she's running away and some male has to kill the big bad vampire to save her. (Actually, if she isn't killing it, she's having consensual sex with it.)

I live in a small town and i visit the public library often. It was very unsettled when i realized that the librarians knew me by name and often commented on my book selections. I am actually embarassed when i check out the latest Hamilton or Charlaine Harris vampire romance pulp novel. But i can't help myself, cuz i do enjoy them.

So i hand over my library card and the incriminating books for check out, and hope that the librarian is too righteous to have any knowledge of these tepid examples of literature. Then i think, although she will not have read them herself, she will recognize them as "those disgusting vampire lust books from the Science Fiction shelf that no intelligent, self-respecting woman would ever read." And i think to myself, "Yeah, i know." But i also read the entire works of Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, Braughtigan, Cohen and Kafka before i was out of my teens, so please cut me some slack, library lady.

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