Friday, January 1, 2010

Birth of a BirthBone©

I keep checking the weather forecast and getting hopeful when i see that three days down the line it's going to be much nicer. But then when the day comes, the prediction has been revised to the actual, colder temps. So i'm still working in the kitchen. It's very convenient and i could get used to it, but i've already got so much of my miscellaneous, half-finished projects crap piled up in our living spaces. DH hasn't said anything yet, but i know it bugs him. I figure when the temps climb back into the upper 40's (F) i'll head back to the workshop and the nice spaceheater DH purchased for me.

A very nice lady that i have been doing some BirthBones© dealings with, told me i should be using the copyright symbol. I'm going to use it here just for fun©. (Ooo, i wonder if anyone has the copyright on fun!)

I got a nice wholesale order i'm filling for a boutique owner in Texas. Forty-eight BirthBones© coming up!

Also, since my last posting, i've designed a new business card and have ordered 250 of them. I used again. The website is really easy to use, they offer tons of options, and are very affordable. You just have to make sure you don't click on all the other advertisings offered through their website, and you can get away clean©!

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