Friday, January 29, 2010


If you know me, you know i like to read. My readings favor fiction novels where the main player is a strong woman. I have a feeling that this is a common reading choice particularly amongst women of a certain age... Closing in on 5o, but i can't bring myself to use the term "middle-aged". lol

One of my fave book series that i enjoyed in 2009 was the Amelia Peabody adventures by Elizabeth Peters. Amelia Peabody is a very opinionated, intelligent, turn of the last century egyptologist, who loves her gloriously (to hear her descriptions) dashing and manly husband, while subtly manipulating him, and disclaims maternal feelings for her unusually loquacious son. When the situation gets tough and dirty, she is in the lead, brandishing her reinforced parasol and her cutting wit.

Last night i tucked into bed and cracked an Amelia Peabody book that i didn't think i had read. I was thoroughly enjoying it, when i began to get suspicions that i had read this one before. I argued with myself for a while:

...since i'm enjoying the writing so much, shouldn't i just keep reading even if i have read it before? but i have another book that i can read, it isn't Amelia, but it's supposed to be good, and life is too short to re-read books...

I fell asleep at about that point, wondering what other experiences this "woman of a certain age" no longer remembers with certainty.

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