Monday, January 4, 2010

Decked Out Dogs In Texas

At least the dogs in the Katy, TX area (that's just west of Houston). This is the shipment for The Pawty Palace doggie boutique (drop in if you're ever in the neighbourhood), all ready for shipping tomorrow.

The kids are back to school tomorrow. As a family, we have been dreading this day all weekend. The kids because they have to go, and me because i don't like packing lunches (hubby says i try to get too creative and there's nothing wrong with a sandwich and an apple and a cookie every day...), i hate the junk and mystery of backpacks, and i get a sinking feeling when i ask the youngest one if he has homework, he says no, and i don't quite believe him. *snort.

And i'm back to my part time nanny gig tomorrow. I've missed my little charge (it's been just over a week!) But he's only just 7 months old, so i guess he won't be walking or talking yet. Still, he'll have changed!

And if the sun cooperates in the afternoon, i will be taking BirthBones photos for a Houston, TX pet magazine.

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