Friday, January 15, 2010

Fire and Brimstone

I swear. I've got to develop a healthier fear of the furnace.

Three out of the last 4 bead firings, i've forgotten to monitor my kiln temperature. I don't have one of those nice modern programmable instruments. I have to watch my temperature gauge and turn dials this way and that so that the temp climbs at a reasonable rate, stays at a certain temp for just the right length of time and then cools down in a controlled manner. Uh huh.

I've been watching a movie or "working" on the computer for an hour or more, when i suddenly realize that i just meant to sit down for a couple of minutes and then go back out to the shop and check the kiln temp. I run out to the workshop, note that the temp has climbed 160000 F or so. I open the door and everything inside is a throbbing brilliant yellow inferno with little fire imps and demons zipping about and laughing at me. Crap. I did it again.

I've got a handful of beads that look nice on one side, but the other side is covered with embedded grit they pealed from the kiln floor that they almost melted into. What a waste. Smarten up, Lisa.

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