Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Through Glass Lenses

Coming across the work of etsy seller bayly (click on photos to go directly to her shop) has inspired me to explore a new craft and i'm really having fun with it. I doubt whether anything i make will get into my etsy shop, but I'm thinking Christmas gifts for my loved ones! (Ooops. shhhhhhh...)

If you've never crafted with these glass lenses, it's really incredible how they magnify what's underneath it--almost seem to add a sense of 3D--and they seem to draw whatever ambient light there is and focus it on your image. They're just remarkable.

bayly makes these lovely pieces of jewelry using glass lenses, bits of patterned paper and illustrations, and upcycled hardware. Bezels she makes using strung seed beads and such, backings are cut from soft fabric, and most of her links and clasps are also of her own handcrafted devising. That's what appeals to me so much about her work: it seems very low on expense and very high on artistic sensibility and crafting talent!

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