Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Focus? What's that?

I've got itchy fingers to do something different creatively, yet not homing in on one thing, and i'm getting frustrated with myself.

I'm experimenting with how to make paper look antique, so I've got tea-stained paper in various stages, drying all over the kitchen. Some are crinkled pre-stain and i'm now wondering if i can even run crinkled paper through my printer or if the ink will do wierd things when it hits a little crease.

I've been researching public domain laws to see if i'm going to be free to use the comix images i've got my heart set on.

I'm regretting not getting more seed beads (ask any bead geek: we always need more) and some micro fibre cloth when i was in the city the other day.

I've got a ton of flower photos from the last month or so that i wish i could think of something to do with.

And i want something real to show for all my thinking by the end of the day! lol

I made a half dozen soft toys while driving between Canada and New Mexico a few weeks ago. (We have a good system: hubby drives and i craft and read. I love a road trip!) Some of them are ready to find new homes but i'm torn between keeping them, or giving them to my two young nieces (who naturally have tons of dollies and toys already) and selling them on etsy.

Related to that thought, i have scolded myself in the past for giving away or selling all the good things i make. (i've made and sold some nice gourdshell tatting shuttles, nice beaded bracelets, tatted doilies n such.) That's a toughie, cuz i want to help support the family financially, but as i get older i start to think about the legacy i leave for my children (and grandchildren eventually?). Chances are, something i've made with my own hands will have more meaning for my family than to the person who paid $14 for it.

I dunno. Some days i just feel like i have hair in my brain and i don't know what i should be doing. This is Geddie. He was concieved and birthed on 28 July 2009 between Valentine, Nebraska and Garden City, Kansas. He has 8 hairs coming out of his brain. He may or may not show up in my etsy shop.

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