Friday, August 21, 2009

Still on Vacation (after all these years)!

We've been in New Mexico for eight years or so now. My husband and i both grew up on the prairies in Canada. It is taking some time for us to lose the sense of being somewhere exotic, like we were only here on extended holidays. These hot dry afternoons of summer get old, but oh the mornings and evenings bring back that sense of being somewhere precious and fleeting. I still get that feeling that it isn't going to last so i'd better just soak it in and enjoy ever moment. It's a fine way to feel. The kids have a few favorite places they like to go in that gentle part of the day, one is the hidden dunes at Oasis State Park. While they throw themselves over "cliffs" with great abandon and fill their hair and shoes with sand and forget about the restrictions of school, i like to wander in search of photos that reflect my own mood of just being grateful to be here, and grateful to be at all.

Pictures of beads next time!

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