Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Infestation and Small Desert Flower

Well the sky over these high plains is brown today. It happens when it is real windy. It might be fine particulate windswept desert matter. But considering the prevailing wind direction (over Hereford, Texas, "Beef Capital of the World"), it might be fine particular feedlot matter, the thought of which makes breathing slightly more difficult. :-)

Our house has been infested by ferrets. It's probably a larger problem around here than we know about. At least i hope we aren't the only house harboring millions of creepy little ferrets. I don't know how extensive the damage is but some of the tunnels of this ferret colony look pretty old, so my guess is that they've been residents for some years. Our siding is made out of some sort of wood fibres, too, which doesn't bode well. I hear that in some areas, the exterminators enclose your entire house in a tent and fumigate the entire thing. Where are we going to go with 6 cats while that's happening!? lol Sometimes they'll just drill holes in the foundation around the house and put in some sort of ferret-icide down them. But this sounds more like something you would do to keep new ferrets out, rather than kill the ones already eating your house. I look forward to learning all about in the days ahead. NOT!

*Note: When you blog about mundane day to day things, you worry about boring the few people who actually read the entry. A friend of mine, who has wiked skillz but is mostly a closet writer, suggested that i could cancel some of that ho-hum by replacing a word thoughout. So in the above story, i replaced every "termite" with "ferret." It does make my life sound a bit more exciting, doesn't it?

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