Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight on Timone

I met a cat on a farm in Manitoba this summer. He stole my heart and, because this is my blog, i get to post his picture and introduce him to my friends (readers).

Timone, a.k.a. Tim, met my SIL and the kids while they were walking a country road with their big Golden Retriever, Poe. Tim greeted the people and happily tolerated Poe's snuffling. And then he followed them all home, the way a young cat sometimes will. His host family proceeded to advertise the "found cat" around their area, and meanwhile Tim made himself very at home with his new pal, Poe. Within a few days a woman showed up and claimed the cat, explaining that it was pretty much dumped on her since she was known to have a number of barn cats, and everyone knows that if you have a lot of cats already, you naturally will take one more... (My own family has acquired 6 stray cats so far, so i know how that goes, heheh.) And so the lady took Tim away.

A little time passed, but the next time the family was walking down that country road, Poe made a sudden side trip and ran up a drive, only to return with Tim running along with him. When they got home my SIL contacted the lady and apologized for Poe's kidnapping her cat again. The woman said that if Poe really liked him so much he could keep him.

So now Tim lives with Poe (and Poe's humans) and when Poe is lounging around the porch or farmyard, Tim is almost always at his side. I have a soft spot for orange cats, but this one has such a strong, winning character, he's impossible to resist.

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  1. What a lovely story and a truly amazing cat! Love the kitty!