Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sock Monkey Cards and Wonderful Creatures

I don't know what it is about sock monkeys (SMs) but i have posed and photographed mine, just as so many other people have (as a web search will attest). Teddy bear enthusiasts have photographed the objects of their obsession also, but teddy bears seem to end up in top hats and bonnets, and seated primly at picnic cloths spread with tea service, or am I stereotyping? Whereas SMs seem to be posed in real time, doing modern things, and usually aren't wearing much at all. Photographing SMs has become big business for Sockmonkeycards, an etsy seller, who photographs posed SMs and produces note cards. (Click on pic to go directly to her shop.) I am especially fond of the beach scenario photos, but also available is a full range of special occassion themed cards for everything from graduations, to birthdays, to Father's Day.
CreaturesNorthwest is a wonderfully creative maker of sewn creatures and an etsy seller. So many of her creations have sentimental appeal to me that i found it difficult to pick two for illustration here! From the artist: "I do use new socks, new gloves, and recycled sweaters when making creatures.... Some, however, are made from new fabric I buy at the store. (I work at a fabric store & spend the rest of my time at thrift stores, garage sales, and the Dollar Store finding supplies.) I like new creative challenges so am constantly experimenting with new fabrics & recycled found things -- I especially like incorporating new or used hardware things (nuts, washers, bolts) into the creatures. It's an ever-evolving process. : )" [Click on photo to go directly to her shop.]

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