Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because round beads get boring...

I'm feeling genuinely enthu-
siastic about writing about other people's goodies. I could have used this blog entry to inform you that i put fake tan cream on my legs this morning. But i'm hoping that no one out there finds that interesting.

Instead, i want everyone who reads this to go check out a super creative lampwork beadmaker: her etsy shop is called Gaialai-Glass Artist. Get there by clicking on these photos of her work.

There are thousands of lampwork artisans out there, but most of us stick to the classic "rounds" or rely almost exclusively on bead presses to produce beads of repeatable and predictable shape. I'm not sure if we do this for ourselves or our customers. I personally prefer to work without the regimental look of bead presses, and i like the look of handformed tabs and nuggets, etc. But I have never produced quantities of interestingly handshaped beads like this person. Gaialai's "Lagoon candlesticks" beads should make any jewelry designer want to rise to the challenge and work equally out-of-the-box to produce extraordinary pieces using them. And check out her "Limitz Fairy Bell flower necklace"! As if the design of the piece wasn't eye-catching enough, that color combo is going to get heads turning. And do also look into her other etsy shop where she sells her knitted jewelry and knitted beads. She's a very inspiring artist.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I'm so happy to see my self in your blog :)
    Thanks a lot for the warm words and for describing so well how I feel about lampwork beads.

  2. Dear Lisa
    Thank you so mutch for bring it up, She is from around the corner, without you I could have never get to know her.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I'm Limitz:-) and I would like to invite you to our Israel Artists Team blog where I am thankful for your writing about a super talented Israeli Artist!
    We are at

    All the best,