Thursday, May 21, 2009

Noteworthy Chickens

As a lamp-
worker, most of my blog entries are bound to be bead-
related, but I enjoy so much more than glass. Tomor-
row I want to show you more glass bead beauty, but today I devote to chickens! Three etsy poultry offerings recently made me smile (click on photos to go directly to the item in the seller's etsy shop):
Yarnmiracle knits lovely toy animals (and her sales help support her local animal shelter). She designed this knitted chicken pattern which has obvious huggable squishiness. You have to admire the details of the attractive full thighs with the skinny lower legs and feet, and the details of the wattles etc. on those regal heads. Wonderful pattern!

KarenLHoward is a mixed media folk artist. This is her "Badminton Hen" done in wire and wood. Check out the leg stripes and the reach on that racket wielding wing. Something i found to be really interesting about her shop was in just looking at the thumbnail photos of her pieces: almost all of them read as illustrations to me, rather than photos of 3D works. I can't figure out if this is due to her use of color and line, or if it is due to the way she composes her photos. Her photos themselves would translate to terrific illustrations.

Littlebitwired is a multitalented maker of art dolls, puppets, masks and jewelry. Her "Peep" is a combo of gourd, wire and apoxie with a crazy little stare. Now that's a face!

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  1. Thanks Lisa for including my Peep in such fun company! Those chickens are adorable!!