Friday, May 29, 2009

Monsters For MS <3

While shopping etsy, you come upon a fair number of sellers who claim to give 10% from the sale of an item to charity. That's more than I've done at this point. But i recently chatted with an artist who not only donates 100% of the sales of her item to the MS Society of Canada, but she sews beautiful monsters! Seller blinkymuffin will ride in an upcoming fund-raising bike tour, and she says she has already sold 25 monsters, all of the sale price going straight to the cause! (See the "MONSTERS FOR MS" page on Facebook.) " Every monster will help make the next step (or pedal) towards a cure for MS." This is an artist with a huge heart and boundless creativity, as the variety of her monster designs will attest. So in purchasing a monster from this seller you can look forward to the warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you've donated to a worthy cause, PLUS the more tangible warm fuzzy of a cuddly, unique, hand-sewn monster of your own!

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