Friday, May 22, 2009

Bead of My Dreams

"Envy" is such an ugly emotion.

But as i try to suppress it enough so that it doesn't taint my reporting here, allow me to introduce these beads by lenorasdesigns. (Find these "Champagne" beads on her ebay, and click on the bluegreen beauty for her etsy shop.) When i came across these lampwork beads of hers, my heart rose like a Rachmaninoff crescendo. THESE were the dots of opalescent beauty that i would give anything to be able to create! Alas, my peasant nature keeps me using a lowly propane torch, which i understand just won't cut it when it comes to working the Double Helix glasses. But then i was partially saved by the thought that i have produced some decent opal effects, through lots of experimenting, using simple silver foil and affordable glass types. But still,... why do my eyes get all drippy when i look at lenorasdesigns dots?

I may be a peasant by choice, and "Less is more" could be my mantra. Lenorasdesigns sells sets of these beauties, as well. And these beads in multiples are indeed opulent and stunning. As an admirer looking in, it seems to me that a single one of these beauties deserves to be coveted like something rare and one-of-a-kind. (And then again... If i could make these, I'd fill the bath with them and drown myself in beads!) I envy this artist, but i don't begrudge her her ablility to make these beads. Even if i didn't make them, i couldn't be happier that they do exist and that i can ogle them and drool over my monitor to my heart's content. Bravo, lenorasdesigns!

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