Monday, May 16, 2011

Search Dog Foundation Earrings

Head on over to etsy shop The Wizard of Roz and check out these great earring! Made using my glass bone beads, 100% of the procedes from these earrings is going to the National Search Dog Foundation. It's selfless people like Roz that make good things happen. Read below to learn more about the Foundation and what they do:

Our Mission: Strengthening Disaster Response in America

  • Founded in 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Ojai, California.
  • Our mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters.
  • We offer the professionally trained canines and an ongoing training program at no cost to fire departments.
  • And we ensure lifetime care for every dog in our program: once rescued, these dogs never need to be rescued again.
  • There are currently 74 SDF-trained Search Teams located in California, Florida, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.
Since the tragedy of 9/11, SDF search teams have been called upon by state agencies across the country to serve as the first responders to numerous disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides, train derailments and building collapses. Whether responding to a major national disaster, or one closer to home, SDF teams stand ready to serve.

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