Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dirty Limerick Beads

You know how it's so much easier to say "That would be a great name for a band!" and then plan on some day getting that band together, rather than sitting around with your band and trying to come up with a name? It's a moment of inspiration. Or at my age it is more often "Wow, that would be an excellent title for a book!" and then plan to write that book some day. I'll never write the book. And i'm pretty sure i'll never have a book sitting there on the desk all written and i'm trying to come up for a title for it. I often have a set of beads already made that i will need to come up for a name for in order to list them on etsy.

But sometimes we actually act on those backwards eureka moments. Yesterday i had this thought: "Dirty Limerick would be an excellent name for a set of beads." So i made some beads to go with the name. I don't think i'm quite finished with this pattern and these colors yet, so it may end up being a large set.

I'm fond of limericks and wrote a dirty limerick especially to go with the beads. It goes something like this:

A girl named Elizabeth Schmidty
Had a big hairy mole on her titty.
Her foot was a stump
And her back had a hump.
She said "Thank god my left elbow is pretty!"

And no one wants these beads now! lol

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