Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Spring in the Neighbourhood

It seems like it has been spring already for a couple of months, but the weather was a little cooler for a couple of days and the air was fresh and it felt more like spring.

Here's my little nanny charge, "Pip", who is going to turn two shortly. He just learned how to climb up the steps of the playground structure and come down, AND get off, all by himself. He goes around and around and wears himself out and goes down for that nap real easy now. :-)

He enjoys trucks and tractors a great deal, and when i drove our little old beater of a Nissan pick-up over there the other day, he was thrilled to climb around in the back and inside the cab. He's a man.

I imported these poppies from my mom's garden in Canada, and they are getting more and more brilliant Barbie pink every year. I swear, this is true color in this photo! It's crazy flourescent!

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