Monday, May 23, 2011

Filler Video Today

Much like my kids' teachers, i am offering videos. Seems like they quite teaching sometime last week, but school isn't officially over until some time Thursday, so they show movies in every class. I've been thrown off my beadmaking routine by having house guests all last week, and have nothing new to show, so i'm going to try to keep you entertained with a video, too.

Here is a short video (click on the picture to go right to it) that my husband took. A tick crawled off our dog. It was full of blood so my husband took it to his school to show his Entomology (insects) students. While it sat it a vial in his office, the tick errupted into hundreds of tiny baby ticks. Thinking this was something that other biology people might find interesting, he recorded the mass of young ticks. It is on YouTube, and it has lots of views, and lots of strange comments (which you should definitely read--it seems that seriously disturbed individuals have been attracted to this video.)

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