Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have just sent a congratulatory notice to the person whose name i drew from my readership. They have won the set of 8 Fireworks beads. (If there is no response within 24 hrs i will draw a 2nd name.) Thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my blog or contacted me to get their name in the drawing.

I hope all of my American friends are having a great 4th, with great food, drinks and company! We're heading out to friends' momentarily. I made two apple pies (i considered all the sweet red, white and blue themed desserts on the web, but felt that good old apple pie couldn't be improved upon as an iconic American dessert). With a scoop of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream, of course. The broccoli and chick pea salad i made has nothing particularly U.S.A. about it, but it will be tasty.

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