Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rhubarb Citrus jam to die for

We spent the last two days driving, and we are now happily reunited with family in Canada. The new laptop lacks a few things still, like a way for me to download my photos, like a photo manipulating program, but as soon as my personal computer technician (hubby) gets a chance to solve my problems, i will be able to post more colorfully again. Meanwhile, imagine a beautiful, sunny, summer morning with twittering birds, good strong coffee, and homemade jams. The day has yet to be planned and the activity options are numerous. I hear that watching soccer this afternoon is definitely already penciled in. I heard someone say "Skatepark", and someone said "Fishing." Mom has a list on the table with "Museum, theatre, Zoo, Strawberry picking" on it. Feels like summer holidays have officially begun!

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