Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Days Through the Heartland

We started in New Mexico, drove in a northerly fashion, and found ourselves in Manitoba, Canada, in time for supper the next day. 1400+ miles of everchanging scenery as we crossed through the heartland of this great continent. I submit several sample landscapes so that you may share a little bit in our experience.

You may notice that the horizon features prominently in the heartland.

Our views of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas are quite relaxing, with the land all tamed into fields of corn and such. By the evening of the first day of driving, we are in Nebraska, which is a very picturesque state. Please note the gently rolling hills and swales that blessedly distort the horizon here. In South Dakota one's eyes are often entertained by water. And in North Dakota they allow a few trees to border their fields and form clumps of almost forestlike density here and there. And then we got to Canada, where the horizon, trees and water is in perfect balance.

[Yes, i did selectively choose my vistas to present an entertaining blog post. Every one of these states, have lots of beautiful scenery, and Canada has boring, flat grain fields. :-)]

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