Saturday, July 3, 2010

Embossed Cards

There are so many cool crafting technologies readily available these days, it just blows my mind. There is a Hobby Lobby in our neighboring town (we're too small to justify one) and i've been eyeing up the supplies that are available to people who want to custom cut and decorate paper. It's crazy. I just don't have the time and the means, but maybe some day...

However, a dear friend of mine introduced me to embossed stamping a few years ago when we were both in our gourd crafting phases. This afternoon i made a bunch of business promo cards and some Thank You customer cards. In Word i designed the text (black printed) to print two-sided cardstock pages. Then i used embossing ink pad, "dog paw" and "Thank You" rubber stamps, gold embossing powder, and heat gun to enhance them. Then i cut them apart with the paper cutter. Now that the Word template as been made (the hard part), i can just print and emboss quantities as needed. A bunch of the dog paw promo cards are going to a lab rescue fundraiser next week. [note to self: come up w/ new name for bone charms!]

Hubby had a birthday. He shared it with Canada. Happy birthday to both of you. Check the touque: i made it many years ago. It has the coolest band. I was really clever and had a strip of black fleece behind the red, and sewed beaver, moose, maple leaf motifs onto the red, then carefully cut the red layer out to reveal the black underneath.

I also include a pic of son #2, aka The Blender King. His specialty du jour was a dill pickle slushie. :-P

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