Saturday, February 13, 2010


It seems like about 3 weeks we have had grey skies and subzero temps. We've even enjoyed a couple of snow storms. But today the sun was out all day and we got into the 50's (F). Feels good. This is the time of year that i usually get around to cleaning my garden out. The shoots of the early bulbs are poking through now, so i removed the dead material from last year. It was nice to spend some time outdoors!

The snow drops are a little late this year, but certainly welcome.

I had a really nice testimonial from a lady that bought a BirthBones charm for her friend's dog. It was so glowing, i had to put it in my BirthBones shop announcement for visitors to read:

"I left the wrapped "bone" on my friend's desk on Friday and she called me up, all excited and CRYING! She was SO THRILLED!!! K---- the puppy is not "grown up" enough for her big-girl collar, so my friend is going to wear the charm on her bracelet until K---- graduates to her regular collar. I just wanted you to know how happy your artwork made the recipient. These bone charms are a gift the dog owner will cherish long after the last fancy toy has been chewed up! Thank you again - R--."

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