Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spaced Out Beads

A little bit of eye candy for you today.

I've got a couple of sets of beads to stock in the shop tomorrow. I did a set of my old standby, Aqualith. The subtle green gleam that comes through here and there on the blue band is particularly nice in this set.

And the other set is of some beads that i've made for use in collections of bluegreen transparent bead that i've put together for bracelets, but i've never put a set of them in the shop before. So check them out: i'm calling them Orbits. They are made with reduced silver foil so they have a slight metallic sheen.

I don't know if i showed you the calendar i made using my bead photos! Talk about your eye candy. I'll give you a peak in an upcoming blog entry.

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