Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes You Need a Bear

It's a teddy bear day for me: I've decided to make some changes to my beads selling/shops, doing lots of thinking about just how to best put said changes into effect, my babysitting charge is having a bad time with teething (fever, diarrhea, and misery), and i'm dealing with another high-school-education-for-my-teen issue. None of it very horrible stuff. All the little anxieties just built up over the day and have been magnified by the cold, grey weather.

On days like this, I used say that the negative ions were building up and affecting my mood, but some intelligent person explained to me that the negative ions are the good ones... that the negative ions were in fact positive... So i don't say that anymore... But it doesn't change the fact that i do need a teddy bear cuddle. I started sleeping with a monkey about a year ago... Do other grown adults sleep with a teddy? or it is a sign...? lol

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