Thursday, February 25, 2010

I ask myself: "Is this really necessary?"

I am such a dummy! lol I opened a third etsy shop for my beads. I don't really know why. We'd been talking about how listing made-to-order-beads is kind of off-putting to folks who want to see exactly what they are buying, not just an example. And how people who shop for artisan-made lampwork beads want to consume something unique. They don't want to know that everyone and his dog can order yet more of the same beads.

So we were talking about going back to listing single beads, but providing the option to order more of the same pattern if a buyer really needs a pair to make earrings, or a set of 6 or 10 to make a bracelet. For some reason it struck me that it would be easier to start a new shop than to revamp the old one. Sigh. So now The Bead You Need is open for business. I'm not rushing to fill it up. Just in case i come to my senses. I mean, does a person really want to run 3 shops?

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