Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Garden Notes

New Mexico is a great place to grow squash, and my garden just isn't big enough for me to grow all the squash i would like. I'm a fan of growing the various hardshelled gourds. Also, i was very envious of a yard across town last fall that had the most incredible big red disc squashes, etc. I need an acreage.

This year i tried spaghetti squash. I haven't grown this one before, and i guess you just can't go wrong with squash in New Mexico, because they are doing really well!

But i have the dreaded squash bug (photos: eggs and nymphs). Tomorrow they will be treated to a detergent shower, but if that doesn't work, i guess they'll just have their way with my vines. There are about 6 nice big fruit, so they can have the leaves. I think i have my entry for the county fair next month. :-)

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