Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family and Reminiscences

We don't think to get family photos done. But we managed to get one this year when we were all together. Mom and Dad at the base of the family tree, my three brothers behind, with me on the far right, and our families behind/around us.

Son H is having a blast with his "big" skating buddy. They keep in touch through Facebook all winter and practically skate all day, everyday while we are up here in the big city. (He seems to be some kind of poster boy for skateboarding, judging by this billboard downtown. And he's a great kid!)

Cute little heart carved into the paint on a bridge i was leaning over the railing of. Don't give up, Julia! :-)

And a wasp one of the kids found in my mom and dad's yard. I think it was trying to sting me with that incredibly long ovipositor, but it couldn't get enough leverage. Kind of took me back to the roots of my original career when i was earning an entomology degree, met my husband while i was collecting insects, and eventually became a stay-at-home mom... And I still like the bugs!

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