Sunday, July 3, 2011

Loving It Up North

Sorry that reports have been few and far between during my holidays in Canada. Here are some pics, but with precious little commentary. I just want to mention the photo of the wall branch of paper flowers that i made one evening in the cottage. (The mosquitoes pretty much chased us indoors come dusk. :-))

small mouth bass fishing and canoeing, red-winged blackbirds, a muskrat lodge with a satelite dish and small Canada flag on it (nyuk nyuk nyuk), wild roses, wild strawberries (made wonderful pancakes!), and the adventure continues for a few more days...

Oh and i hope you get a kick out of the photo of myself as a bathing beauty. This is my real true bathing outfit. There is no beach at our lake so you need the shoes to protect your feet climbing up the rock face to get out of the water. My suit was kind of a three or four piece ensemble, ugly as sin, but so color coordinated!

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