Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break in Big Bend

It's always hard to return to the grind after a perfectly awesome vacation. We spent the week in Big Bend camping and hiking and now it's back to business as usual.

If you have not been to this National Park, it is huge and rocky and spiky and gorgeous. We only had two really cold nights, and only one day was what i would call "too hot" (but while i tried to stay in the shade and had to keep dunking my steaming head and feet in basins of water, my husband and oldest son thought it was a perfect afternoon for a stroll in the desert sun, searching for cool cacti to photograph...).

We took many of the day hikes (Emory Peak, and Window Rock) and struck off into the rocks and shrubs on our own. The rocks are amazing. Water eroded cobbles of all colors, conglomerates of all sorts, volcanic spew,... Over 80 species of cacti have been documented in the park, and it is hard not to step on them--but you make a pretty serious point of not stepping on anything, since everything has spines. :-)

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