Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i lol'ed

You know how sometimes you just have to google "baby guinea pig" images? (I just wanted to see something really sweet.) I laughed a bit when i saw this sparky little mug, but i also checked out a photo of a cooked guinea pig --people eat them in their natural stomping gounds. It didn't shock me, but the person who posted the photo, along side a live, pet guinea pig photo, took some real aggressive heat from his readers. But i think that person's blog is aimed at getting a rise out of folks.

Which made me wonder what other people do with their blogs. There's a handy "next blog" button on blogspot's header, and i'm under the impression that it randomly takes you to another blog. When i tried it before, it took me to several foreign language blogs. This evening the selection of blogs it showed me had an eerie trend of goats and homeschooler subject matter. A christian homeschooled rural teenager photographs herself daily as a model and describes what she's wearing (turquoise peasant blouse from GoodWill, flower print tiered skirt from GoodWill) and how she's styled her hair (ponytail). She looks and sounds happy, but surely she's dreaming about being somewhere else. Then there was a goat farm's blog, with close up photos of the south end of a goat, ostensibly to give the readers a really good look at Tirzah's udder... This blog had dreamy celtic music playing. It didn't really help. Then there was a blog that appeared to be about ocelots, but the entries were all about "the goat" learning song lyrics, or "the goat" teaching somebody about apostrophes... i should have had a closer look at that one, but there were no visuals so it didn't hold me. And the last blog that randomly came forth was by a homeschooling, living-off-the-land family, who apparently are getting into poultry in a big way with tons of pictures and videos of their chicks.

So i'm adding a chick pic and a goat butt since that's what everyone else is blogging. Oh, and for good measure: plaid shirt and track pants (thrift shop), police academy t-shirt (BIL), loose hair. Hey, i think i'm really getting the hang of this blogging thing! ;-)

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