Thursday, March 11, 2010

Houston Gets BirthBones, and What You Need to Know About Spring 2010 Fashion Color

The Pawty Palace of Katy, TX is the exclusive dealer of my BirthBones in the Houston area. The proprietor has submitted my BirthBones in the New Products section of the March edition of Houston Pet Talk Magazine (a substantial, full-color journal!). I hope they attract a lot of business for her, and she has to call me to restock. :-)

I developed a new color in my Aqualith pattern of beads. I called it Green Fire & Ice, which was descriptive, but not really catchy. They had incredible flash and would be really great as spring jewelry. Those in the fashion biz really talk in terms of people buying jewelry specific to each new season. Did you know that you were supposed to accessorize with terra cotta, navy, and cream toned jewelry last spring?? I'm not sure what you need to be wearing this spring, but pale icy green would be IT, if i had any say in the matter. They sold quickly. At least one person will be stylin' this season.

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