Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs of Spring

It was a very nice weekend, but it seemed to fly by. Signs of spring are all around. The wind (and the tumbleweeds) has returned. The robins are passing through on their way north. I was walking my bf (babyfriend) out in his back field and came upon a small tree with these dark little pompoms on the twigs. I thought it looked like some sort of real understated flowering, but only later, when i saw the same thing on a bigger tree, did i realize that it was elm! I always see the seeds flying from small tufts later in the spring, but i had never noticed the flowering stage. I had no idea elms got active so early in the spring!

We had s'mores over a campfire in the back yard. I can recommend those strawberry flavored marshmallows. And we accidentally got cinnamon graham crackers. Pretty exotic s'mores!

A really luscious collection of grapefruit colored beads in tomorrow's posting.

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